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Welcome to the Stanley Security Solutions Template Library!

You can now easily find, view and download any Stanley door or frame template from one up-to-date source. This library contains templates for locks, exit devices, hinges, closers, and other door hardware. This website represents the first time that all of Stanley's templates are widely available.

To view and print these templates you need Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. We recommend version 7 or higher for best results. Click here to install or update Adobe Reader.




Do you need to print a template?
CAUTION! ~~~ Printing from Adobe Reader can reduce or enlarge template proportions without you knowing it!
Many templates in this library must be printed at exactly 100% scale. These templates are marked as 'tape-on templates' because they are designed to be affixed directly onto the door or frame. They enable you to drill using the template itself. Make sure to drill only the holes that are necessary for the product function that will be installed. Some templates have holes that are not used by all functions.

After you print a tape-on template, make sure to measure the watermark to verify that it measures exactly 1 inch by 1 inch.

See the step-by-step printing instructions for details.

Not all templates have this watermark so they can be printed at any scale. These templates require you to use the dimensions specified on the template and then to transfer those dimensions by measuring and marking directly on the door or frame. These templates are primarily used by door and frame manufacturers.




To find the template that you need, do one of three things:
1. Narrow down your search by clicking on the product categories until you get a list of template links.
2. If you're searching for a hinge, you can look up the specific hinge class to find the templates that support that class.
3. If you know the product name or number, use search to find a word, phrase, or product number. See the search pane for some examples of the kinds of searches that you can do.

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